GLOBE THEATRE – Interview to Chris Pickles, actor, teacher and director of “The Tempest”

Chris Pickles and the Bedouin Company

As director of “The Tempest”, is there any element that must be present in this representation?

The language that Shakespeare gives to use, he writes wonderful stories but also he writes wonderful emotional stories, which is all in the language.

What I’m always trying to do it’s not impose myself on the text but allow Shakespeare to speak to us 4 hundreds years after his death and allowed him to tell the story. It’s for me so much about the words he uses, he creates words, he invented 2000 words that never been heard in english language before.

It’s letting those words speak and it’s letting in motions those words came across, so it’s not just a story but is all so for all the character of Shakespeare plays is an emotional journey through words.

The important thing, for me, is not to let wherever we do on the stage, get in the way that really use these words, so whatever we decide to do as actors and me as director comes out those words of 400 years ago..

I know about your studies at Colchester Institute. What role has got music in the acting preparation?

For me, music is part of language and music is part how we communicate in the theatre, as well and Shakespeare as rhythm play with “the Tempest”, which included so much music and dance, and because he was rethinking how you  can tell the story.

I love this play because he uses my musical experience but also he connects to my lover words; as well Shakespeare writing not just words but he writes also in verse, which has also music as well rhythm and structure, and that for everything as music emotion as music.

I read a phrase of Shakespeare that said: “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves” How did you discover your talent? How did you managed to bring it at this high level?

Is Always in me somehow, I was born over 60 years ago in very poor family in the north of England and my father was a river and my mother a secretary. I always attracted to theatre and to music and whenever I could when I was to school to take opportunity to theatre and music.

I stopped  tradition to my family when I went to university. I started with music and then when I graduated, I upset my family a lot because I stopping be a music teacher and I went to the theatre completely inexperienced, and somehow I manage to swim round and round.

I had  a lot of opportunity and good luck at the beginning, meeting people who encouraged me and accept you are not just a musician not just an actor but you can be many things in the theatre; somehow that how I manage to do it, I was very lucky quite early in my carrier and I got to work for 2 years  with Kenneth Branagh, he encourage the reaspect all the actors, the designers and managers. Everybody to explore , what talent they had.

He encouraged me to go deeper in to Shakespeare and to start exploring that. I had the very good luck to work with gentleman who is very famous in England, Patrick Parker, who is passionate about Shakespeare. He encouraged my passion.

For the last 25 years I continued to be lucky,  not just with professional actors, also to be teaching student actors at the Drama Studio London with Shakespeare as well.

You may suggest an idea for young students that  aim for this artistic career? Is there an ideal age to begin with?

Everybody should follow that passion whatever age is.

One of the things I say to many actors when I working in England, young actors who schools or whatever,  go out and create your own work. Just Eleonor Russo and Edward Andrews created the Bedouin Shakespeare Company.

They are part of creating that opportunity from themselves.

Get experience by doing that and building your carrier for yourself follow your passion

Thanks to Sir Pickles and the Bedouin Shakespeare Company. I have enjoyed this performance that  I became participant of the very action that was taking place on the stage.

I was on the boat when it sunk, I felt the same Miranda’s emotions while she fell in love with Ferdinand.

I felt thirsty by looking at Caliban while he was trying to fetch the bottle by Stephano and Trinculo, and I would have liked jump up and down like Ariel…


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