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Master’s Degree? Instructions for use

30.01.2008 - Giulia Pasquinelli

Are you thinking of studying in the UK? Here are some useful tips to get the most out of your MA, lessons learnt from my own experience, suggestions to make your life easier and the time spent abroad more profitable.
As in most things in life, you don’t discover how they work until you face them but, if you happen to be prepared, you will avoid wasting time and enjoy them much more.
1) As studying abroad (especially in the UK) costs a great deal of money, you might want to apply for a scholarship. Have a go with the Rotary Club or your own Univeristy; Roma Tre, for  example, used to award grants for postgraduate studies in Cambridge and is now promoting a scholarship (sponsored by Chiomenti Studio legale) for anyone interested in legal studies in the U.S.. Don’t forget to apply at least a year in advance!!
2) If you are enrolling for a full-time MA do not be misled by the limited number of hours of lectures/seminars, you’ll be given more articles to read and more essays to write that you could ever manage... so, do not take on a job! Just concentrate on what you are doing, otherwise go for the part-time scheme.
3) Would you like to make friends easily and quickly? Join one of those hundreds of clubs or societies set up at your College; there must be something that suits you! They are not expensive to join and you’ll have fun.
4) Check carefully for deadlines, word limits for the essays, registration for exams etc. In the UK, unlike Italy, You are not forgiven for being forgetful.
5) Don’t buy many books, even if they are on your reading list, and, above all, never read them from cover to cover! Most of the time you’ll be asked to read some extracts from them or articles which you can download from special websites. The libraries are always very well organised, you can borrow several books at any one time and find everything you are looking for there; you won’t need a lot of money… just a bit of perseverance!
6) Although at the beginning it might look far more difficult than expected, don’t feel discouraged, you will make it, like everyone else does so... give yourself time enjoy your stay, it will probably end up being one of the most exciting adventures ever.
Good luck then, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any query, I’ll be most happy to help.


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