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domenica 19 gennaio 2020

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Rome here we go!

18.12.2007 - Maria Leonor Piconez

Rome. There, on that billboard, bright blue letters spelled my name and then… ROMA.
First thought – OH MY GOD! (I’m not even religious).
Second thought – I need a house. A huge luggage. A huge courage.
Third and last thought – I don’t have anything of that. I’m totally lost. LOST.
Am I excited? Am I scared to death? Well, to be honest, I was a little bit of both. People in this Erasmus program tend to be so brave at signing in but so damn afraid of keeping their word… “I’m not going to be one of those” I thought. So…
Rome here we go!

Termini station. The sunniest afternoon Rome has ever seen. Everybody was moving around with trolleys and backpacks and they all looked like they had a place to go, a place to stay, a place they can call home (or hotel, whatever you prefer). And then it hit me. “I’m not also lost… I’m alone”.
The first days were really busy, because every student has to a lot of things to do. Go to college, make the codice fiscale, search for a house, get a new phone number, do the mensa card, get to know the city, the subway, the buses and the trams! Oh! Let’s not forget about the monuments, the piazze, the fountains… But I have to confess… the first impression of the city was not so good. It seemed dark and uncomfortable, busy and impersonal. Red buses always wondering around and the vespas… please you have to agree that they look like they want to run you over each time you try to cross a street!
Finding a house seemed to me like the biggest problem. I was wrong once more! I have been the most lucky person ever. I made a phone call, I saw the room, I met the persons I was supposed to live with and you know what?! I loved every single thing… I’m living with an italian family and absolutely love them. They’re my family now. And will probably be forever.
Suddently, something grew on me… the city doesn’t look that dark anymore… the streets don´t look so uncomfortable now… even those italian guys screaming and swearing at the next guy in traffic make me laugh really hard!
I have been here for a month now, so the first impression is totally gone. And gone for good.
Hum let’s just talk about the language… it’s not that hard, right? A really good thing is that my college has these amazing classes just for Erasmus students of italian language which helps a lot! So this is certainly a thumbs up! I guess once you start to understand a little bit of what people say you can survive just fine… actually I seem like a retarded person when I try to speak italian but fortunatly I guess (or hope lol) no one cares.
There’s something about Rome… not that usual thing turists always say “oh it’s an amazing city, romantic and classical…” yeah, sure it is… but that’s not what I’m talking about… I’m talking about this surreal magic feeling, this overwhelming loneliness that turns into a blend of fancy thoughts about old movies... it’s almost like you can feel the heart of the city bursting inside your own chest! That’s it! This city is in me now. It’s part of me. I have found a new home…



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