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giovedì 01 ottobre 2020

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Intervista ai Right on Dynamite

15.05.2007 - Andrea Pergola

RECENSIONE - La via del basso di Franco Di Donato

Bassista tra i più virtuosi e apprezzati nel panorama italiano ed europeo, pubblica ora un doppio singolo e un...
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SPETTACOLI - La Roma S...Canzonata di Sandro Scapicchio

Venerdì 15 maggio 2015 allo storico Teatro cabaret "Il Puff" di Trastevere lo spettacolo-recital del cantautore...
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APPUNTAMENTI - Enrico Dindo e i Solisti di Pavia

Giovedì 23 aprile, alle 21, presso il Collegio Borromeo di Pavia, una serata all'insegna di Schubert
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Eccoci qui, persi tra i fumi dell’asfalto niuiorchese. Sono gentilissimi, questi tre. E simpatici…

D=dan N=nick J=Jon

1. How long have you been playing together?

D- We have been playing in various bands since 2002 together. But, Right on Dynamite began in November of 2005.
N- Right on Danny.
J- Well said.

2. What's the reason of the band name? If there's one..

D- The reason is that it sounds cool, and that it has somthing that blows up in the name, anything that blows up is cool with us.
N- Yes yes indeed, the name is quite explosive, like ourselves when we rock to the roll!
J- Its very metaphoric.

3. Five motherfuckers you'd like to see dead.

D- I dont wish anyone to die, im all nice and shit.
N- I am also gonna say i dont wanna see anyone dead, but if the question was to say, 5 mother f'ers i'd like to see kicked in the nuts, i would have to choose ... wait wait i take it all back. Come to think of it, there definitely is one dude i'd like to see off this world, and that would have to be Mark David Chapman. That bastard..
J- How about who i'd like to see dead broke? donald trump, paris hilton...

4. Favorite albums.. and 3 songs

D- Elvis Costello-Alison; Beatles-In My Life; The Clash-Know Your Rights
N- Hmm, A couple albums i like a real lot would be The Beatles- Abbey Road / White Album / Rubber soul / i allowed to just keep naming Beatle Albums? Songs songs songs.. Hold me now, by the thompson Twins makes me feel really good.
J- Transfrmer by lou reed is an album i love to play start to finish, same goes for please please me by the beatles, as well as anything bob marley has done, as far as specific songs go, hmm, i feel like its always changing but at the moment i'd have to say mr. sandman by the chordettes, mr. moonlight by the beatles, and mr. Your on fire mister by the liars

5. The strangest place where you played?

D- The strangest place I played is Long Island, New York I can say this
cause I grew up there but it's just wierd man!
N- Yes, the island certainly has its funny clubs. but one of the stranger places was that huge auditoriom at that school in manhattan, we played to like some wierd snowboarding club or something, and we had that naughty hookers movie called hookers on the point playing behind us. that was a bit strange, yet thrilling.
J- The strangest for me was this huge almost vacant building that we used as
a rehearsal space for a few days before people came and demolished it, it was very dark and eerie, and there was a working service elevator that you had to ride with the lights off, we had a great time there.

6. Which musician/artist would you like to reincarnate in? And why?

D- hmmm there are alot I would, but I'm going to say George Harrison or Sterling Morrison, I like the quiet guitar players...
N- I woud like to be reincarnated into so many different people. I think it would be fun to be frank sinatra, just for a week thou. I feel as thou i would eat the best food, and have the best women, and just be the man. next week i'd try out maybe Jim Morrisons shoes, or even john boham. yea, i'd be a basher!
J- James Brown would be great. Who wouldnt want to be known as the Godfather of Soul? Just think about all the new dance moves i would aquire...




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