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lunedì 21 settembre 2020

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AFRICA - Association of African Entrepreneurs

13.03.2013 - Luca Mershed

La penetrazione economica cinese in africa

Pechino è diventato, con un volume di scambi del 28%, il terzo partner commerciale del continente dopo gli Stati Uniti...
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Dead Aid: l’Africa nella trappola degli aiuti

AFRICA. Secondo l'economista Dambisa Moyo, gli aiuti umanitari hanno reso l'Africa incapace di uscire da arretratezza e...
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Trattato di libero scambio fra 26 paesi africani.

Durante il vertice di Kampala del 22 ottobre, tre grandi organizzazioni economiche dell’Africa orientale e...
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Uno sguardo al di là dell’Europa

Il nuovo libro di Giuseppe Carrisi ci insegna come nasce la nostra ricchezza in Africa. Per capire come si vive, e si...
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The Association of African Entrepreneurs (AAE) is a member based community to gather people and support African businesses grow around the globe.

  • AAE’s vision is to create the voice of change and platform for dialogue among the African people as well as involve the international audience to have a role in helping developing nations promote the entrepreneurial spirit.

What the mission objectives are?

  • AAE aims to reintroduce innovative attitudes and to reform structures that mitigate entrepreneurship by enabling a participatory process that involves and includes entrepreneurs; to make regional advocacy campaign contributions that can support and encourage entrepreneurship; to work in close consultation with the various government institutions for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation; to establish, organize and support or implement development programs aimed at promoting and nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit amongst members.

With a population of more than 24 million people1 and a GDP per capita equal to US$ 3,100 in 2011,2 the Republic of Ghana presents high levels of unemployment especially among youth and women. It is in particular estimated that about 28.5% of the population lives below the poverty line, 3 accounting for a number of unemployed equal to 1009 people in 2000.4. Of these, about 60% can be found in 15-24 years age group with a larger percentage recorded among women.

Entrepreneurially minded people in Ghana who chase after their dreams of uplifting their standard of living and in the process help alleviate poverty within their community with the assistance of the Association of African Entrpreneur’s (AAE) programs, as it is of AAE in its unrelenting pursuit of its dream to empower entrepreneurs by providing access to resources like education, training, mentoring, knowledge sharing, networking and linkages services ever since it started operations in 2001.

Some of Ghana’s young graduates have successfully got into jobs and self-employment, with or without support from their parents, friends or acquaintances. We are happy for them and we congratulate them. Some got their jobs through the “who-you-know” option; some worked their way into the “in-for-a-period-out-for-a-season” cycle while others are stuck in the under-employment lane. The bottom line is that we now have 75,000 unemployed young graduates (, with little hope, no resources and nowhere to go. So what are we going to do about it? Leave them as statistics? Well, if we do then we have failed to take care of the future, because like it or not, the youth are the future .





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